We produce videos that help brands grow.

Millions of people see performance videos as their first touch with a brand. We believe short-term performance gains are not worth diminishing brand equity. And we know how to create ads that achieve both.
Our founders spent years inside Facebook managing the fastest growing advertisers on the platform. We built Rickhouse Media because there wasn’t a performance video agency that effectively married brand and performance.

Why we exist

"Video is too expensive"

Every CMO, Everywhere

“DR videos suck.”

Every Creative Director, Everywhere

“We can’t create one video fast enough, let alone 50 videos.”

Every Video Editor, Everywhere

“Our in-house team is slammed. Saying they have ‘zero bandwidth’ is being generous.”

Every Production Lead, Everywhere

“Our :60 TV spot tells a beautiful, compelling story of our brand. Just use that for DR.”

Every VP of Performance
Marketing, Everywhere

“I need more videos. Faster. And a lower CPA. And a higher CTR. Now. Not two quarters from now.”

Every VP of Acquisition, Everywhere

“Our customer base is scaling, but our brand is taking a hit”

Every VP of Marketing, Everywhere

“My CEO hates how our performance ads look, even though they have good ROAS.”

Every Media Buyer, Everywhere

“Millions of customers’ first impressions come from our social ads, not our brand spots.”

Every In-House Creative
Director, Everywhere

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