Pinterest Partnership Announcement

Pinterest Partnership Announcement


Pinterest named us an official marketing partner today. Here’s why that makes us excited: DR looks different on Pinterest than on other mediums. 

It’s visual-first, both in static and still, with imagery that evokes curiosity. It’s all about novelty, and thrives on giving its users (“Pinners”) that “aha!” feeling. It’s aspirational -- Pinterest wants to inspire its pinners with ideas that are within reach. It’s active, with a core value to enable people to achieve their goals, whatever those may be. And lastly, we like Pinterest because it’s positive. Not every platform prioritizes content that lights people up. 

For all these reasons, ads that perform elsewhere won’t necessarily succeed on Pinterest -- and vice versa. It’s why we take the time to become experts on each platform we create for. There are 7.5 billion people in the world and we all think a little differently. We’re thrilled to be working with Pinterest to help their Pinners find the content and products that will help them achieve their dreams. 

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